Xtremepush and SBC Webinars present High-Stakes Player Engagement: Key Acquisition & Retention Strategies for US Online Casinos

Image source: SBC

The SBC Webinars series continues on Thursday 13 May when player acquisition and retention specialist Xtremepush presents High-Stakes Player Engagement: Key Acquisition and Retention Strategies for US Online Casinos.

In the session, Xtremepush’s experts will detail how the growing number of US igaming operators can effectively use their customer data to deliver better player experiences throughout the lifecycle.

Drawing on deep knowledge accumulated by working with many of the most widely recognized brands in the international gaming industry, the team will demonstrate techniques that will help both established operators and new-market entrants.  

The specific issues the session will cover include the process of gathering and unifying player data to enable personalized communications, as well as the impactful ways to use this data in support of acquisition and retention-focused campaigns. 

Xtremepush’s specialists will also offer insights into the strategy behind automated, real-time messages triggered by a customer’s actions or inactivity, and examine how to combine behavioral and attribute data to create micro-segments for pinpoint targeting and engagement. 

The panel features:

  • Brandon Asgeirsson – US Business Development Specialist, Xtremepush 
  • Gerard Adlum – Content Marketing Manager, Xtremepush  

Register for High-Stakes Player Engagement: Key Acquisition and Retention Strategies for US Online Casinos – Thursday May 13 at 11am ET

Xtremepush said: “Delivering personalized, relevant messages at key moments is the most impactful thing you can do to drive revenue and retain your customers. 

“We’re excited to share some insight and lessons from our experience working with the leading US and European online casino operators.” 

Join SBC Webinars on May 13 to gain some valuable insights into engagement with US online casino players.