Aristocrat Technologies partners with Marker Trax to enhance digital wallet offering

Aristocrat Technologies Inc has announced a partnership with Marker Trax, a digital and cashless alternative to issuing casino markers.
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Aristocrat Technologies Inc, a subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Limited, has announced a partnership with Marker Trax, a digital and cashless alternative to issuing casino markers.

Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system offers flexible solutions that extend Marker Trax digital funding capabilities to provide operators and customers with a slot marker experience that is seamless and cashless.

Cath Burns, Executive Vice President of Customer Experience Solutions for Aristocrat, commented: “We are excited to partner with Marker Trax and work together to push boundaries to deliver innovative, contactless, and cashless solutions.

“Our commitment to both guest and operator experience is at the heart of everything Aristocrat does, and great partnerships of this kind are the driving force to move our industry technologies forward.”

Customers applying for a Marker Trax account can be approved quickly, with the option of online or mobile app enrollment. Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 interface provides a consistent and simple mobile guest experience; approved funds are immediately available at the machine.

The product’s enrollment is free and requires the customer to be a member of the operator’s loyalty program or to sign up.

Charlie Skinner, Marker Trax COO, stated: “It’s been an exciting first half of the year for Marker Trax and this partnership with Aristocrat will allow for our continued growth throughout the industry.”

The partnership between the Aristocrat and Marker Trax solution grants full access to customers’ account information on the mobile app and through the product’s website. Customers can perform a variety of user-friendly transactions to manage their Marker Trax account easily.

Gary Ellis, Founder and CEO of Marker Trax, added: “Marker Trax takes the burden of issuing casino credit from the operator and is safe and convenient for the customer. There’s a lot of good things about cashless for operators and players, our partners at Aristocrat understand this.”

Operators will be provided with a robust dashboard that presents functionality to screen information such as player activity, reports, data analysis, and other functionality to get the most out of Marker Trax.

Combined with the tracking and reporting functionality of Aristocrat’s Oasis 360 system, operators will have all the necessary information to engage and retain customers and leverage the benefits of the partnership.