Betegy, a sports data content production service based in Warsaw, Poland, will cement its presence in the US market after raising a new round of investment capital from JKR Investment Group.

These ‘ambitious’ expansion plans will be guided by Bill Pascrell III Esq who will join the company as a supervisory board member. 

Drawing on Pascrell’s expertise, Betegy will use the financial injection from JKR to help media companies, gaming operators and professional sports leagues to gather and display complex data from multiple sources.

Celebrating his new role, Pascrell said: “Joining Betegy as a new Supervisory Board member provides a great opportunity and responsibility toward a growing US client base. Led by Alex Kornilov, CEO & Founder, Betegy has combined cutting-edge technology with a powerhouse management team for a truly global reach.  

“Betegy is a strong and dynamic company that has the tools and leadership to penetrate the US market and to provide unique data content to its growing US clientele.”       

In addition, operators and media companies will benefit from analytics and data visualization which will be supplied by Betegy through high-quality, personalized content generated by using machine learning algorithms. 

Discussing Pascrell’s appointment, Betegy praised his ‘gambling industry expertise and successful advocacy among national and state policymakers’ having been one of the key figures that led the 10-year campaign to repeal PASPA.

Alex Kornilov, Betegy CEO, added: “This is a new chapter for Betegy clients as together we change the approach to data-driven content production globally. Our partnership with JKR Investment Group is more than a financial backing of our vision. We gain in-depth industry expertise and access to a wide network, which will accelerate our growth.  

“At the same time,” he added, “Bill Pascrell’s long experience in US and global markets will be invaluable as he helps us to navigate new markets. His experience is vital for Betegy’s success in the US.”

Alexander Gusev, CEO and Managing Partner of JKR, concluded: “The JKR investment will strengthen our ecosystem and help Betegy to compete successfully in the dynamic and growing market. 

“We are delighted to extend our portfolio with investment into the industry innovator: Betegy is an excellent example of how a service can help clients amplify their specialists’ resources, releasing them from routine production. Operators, sports leagues and online media, their users and wider communities will benefit from Betegy’s leading data technologies and services.”