Aubrey Levy, VP of Content and Marketing at theScore, has been sharing his views on how the hotly anticipated and recently started NFL season will shape up and the firm’s plans for engaging fans via its blended approach to media and betting.

SBC Americas asked Levy for some indication as to what theScore Bet customers can look forward to in terms of betting options and special promotions this season? “To celebrate the return of football we’re launching a special season-long promotion which we think fans are going to love,” he responded. 

“Everyone who places a future bet of $50 or more on the NFL Championship with theScore Bet will receive a $5 free bet each week of the 2020 NFL regular season. That’s a free bet a week for all 17 weeks, whether the fan’s team wins or loses – even on their bye week. This promotional offering gives fans another chance to get in on the action every single week.”

He continued: “Additionally, fans can unlock a free $100 bet when they make their first cash wager, and can also earn up to $1,000 in cashback by earning 5% on bets placed over their first 60 days, win, lose or draw. We’re continually looking to offer bettors of all sizes creative and accessible promotions that unlock real value. As for betting options, we’ve got a wide-ranging suite of markets across all major sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.”

Much is made of the media element of theScore’s approach to sports betting. But how important will the firm’s media activities prove when it comes to engaging bettors as the season unfolds?

“theScore is unique in that we take a media-first approach to sports betting,” said Levy. “While other sports betting apps serve as transactional experiences with elements of content layered in, we flipped the model and have made engaging bettors through our media platform core to our operation.” 

According to Levy, theScore offers the second most popular mobile sports app in North America with four to five million monthly active users and an audience that spans every state. He said: “That audience is also deeply engaged, with each user typically opening theScore app on average more than 100 plus times a month. 

“During football season, engagement on our media app significantly spikes with fans glued to our real-time scores, stats, public chat rooms, and breaking news updates. As always, our media platform is a driving force behind our gaming operations through cutting-edge integrations as we take users from media to betting seamlessly. 

“We’re excited to deliver an enhanced betting product to fans in New Jersey and Colorado for this coming fall sports season, particularly as we roll-out even deeper integrations into the fall.”  

We finished by asking Levy for his thoughts as to which team will be the one to watch and who are likely to be the individual stars this season. “Based on the latest markets on theScore Bet, Kansas City remains the favorite to defend their title at +400,” he answered. “Fans are obviously eager to see Tom Brady in Tampa with the return of Gronk, if Cam Newton can return to form with the Patriots, and to watch Lamar Jackson, who dominated the league last year as the unanimous MVP.  

“Every NFL season is fairly unpredictable but this season in particular feels more wide open with all of the uncertainty during the off season, and we’re excited to serve fans all season long with great content and betting options.”