Allan Petrilli: Intelitics ‘one centralized platform’ to help operators with budgets

Intelitics provides operators with ‘one centralized platform’ to give operators an idea of where to spend their budget and how to deliver an ROI, according to Allan Petrilli, VP of Sales and Growth for the firm. 

Speaking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North America 2021, Petrilli outlined Intelitics’ role in the industry as a tracking and analytics platform servicing the igaming industry, aiding budgets, and investments.

Petrilli commented: “We help operators determine where to spend budgets sufficiently, on acquiring new users, whether that’s through their affiliate programs, paid media, offline, etc. 

“We’re one centralized platform so that companies can understand where they’re spending their budget and how they are returning ROI on it.”

Asked about his visions for 2022, Petrilli explored the growing need for igaming operators to become profitable and how that development can aid Intelitics. 

As more jurisdictions introduce igaming in the US, Petrilli also envisaged an ‘insane growth trajectory’ in the industry, with Intelitics ‘excited’ to be a part of it. 

He added: “I think igaming operators are starting to understand the importance, specifically in the US market, about efficiently spending UA budgets. Our platform lets them do that so I think there’s going to be more pressure on brands to be more profitable and I think they’re going to need to tools to do that. 

“I also think that we are going to see, maybe not so much in 2022 but in coming years, a lot more focus on products. Improving product experience and user engagement. We have had a lot of conversations here with brands already going that way. I think the US market, as everyone has been talking about, has an insane growth trajectory and we’re excited to roll along with it.”