International Game Technology PLC (IGT) has confirmed this week that its subsidiary, IGT Global Solutions Corporation, has firmed up a two-year contract extension with the New York Lottery.

Under the terms of the new agreement the two firms’ current contract will be extended until August 6, 2022. As part of the broadened deal, IGT will deliver 400 new GameTouch self-service vending machines to the lottery and continue providing it with an advanced central system, terminals, and ongoing services.

 IGT COO Lottery Jay Gendron commented on the extension, saying: “As the leader in the global gaming industry, IGT delivers excellence by focusing our innovations in content, hardware and platform technology that enable customers such as the New York Lottery to continue its ranking as one of the largest and most successful lotteries in the world.

“IGT is pleased to extend our long-term partnership with the lottery and we will do our part to ensure that it continues to set record-breaking sales and maximize its more than $68bn contribution to education in New York.”

In addition to delivering advanced lottery technology and solutions, IGT also provides the New York Lottery with services that include the installation and maintenance of the lottery terminals, retailer training, field services, call center support, and instant ticket warehousing and distribution.