Online sports and gambling media firm The Props Network has announced a new partnership with PGA DFS podcasters The Tour Junkies to service the “under served niche” of golf sports betting media content.  

The partnership will help The Tour Junkies expand its content focus beyond DFS to attract real money sports bettors, premium sponsorships, and gain access to increasingly lucrative online sports betting affiliate revenue across the US online sports betting landscape.

The Tour Junkies have proven to be a leader in the professional golf community, providing premium golf content by giving its viewers and listeners insider access to PGA golf news and interviews.  

“Adding The Tour Junkies expertise, insider access, and loyal following to The Props Network existing catalog of premium sports and gambling content is another step towards our goal in being a leader in US Sports and Gambling Media,” said The Props Network Co-Founder, Kyle Piasecki.

The Tour Junkies are pursuing vendor licensing in numerous legal US sports betting jurisdictions. The partnership will have The Tour Junkies expanding its content offering through new live and produced shows, gambling data-tools, live odds, PGA sports betting picks, and additionally monetizing its brand through sponsorships, brand partnerships, and appearances.