LaLiga North America has joined forces with global sportsbook operator PointsBet to bring the well-known soccer league, its internationally recognized clubs and players, and world-renowned Spanish passion closer to fanáticos in the US throughout the current season and next.

As the “Official Betting Partner of LaLiga North America,” PointsBet will be able to utilize LaLiga’s distinguished IP, experience its brand value, and access its highly-engaged and rapidly expanding audience. The companies will also work together on best-in-class practices to protect the integrity of LaLiga games. 

With Spanish and English capabilities, fans will experience seamless integration without interruption and not be hindered by language constraints, said LaLiga.

Part of the agreement incorporates unique, multilingual content that will be featured across LaLiga North America’s programming slate with the creation of the “PointsBet Prediction of the Week.” The weekly segment will be discussed in English and Spanish by talent including Luis Garcia, Jimmy Conrad, and Chelsea Cabarcas.

In addition, three LaLiga Ambassadors will be chosen as PointsBet Legends and will provide their personal predictions in English and Spanish to encourage fans to make their own on the dedicated PointsBet betting space on the LaLiga website. This special content and web feature will be available for use later this spring.

“Soccer is growing at a very fast pace in the US, and the role that LaLiga plays in that growth is important for fans and for brands in the region,” said Boris Gartner, CEO of LaLiga North America. “We are excited to grow with PointsBet in the market and enhance fan experience by bringing LaLiga closer to the fervent audience that exists in the US.”

“The PointsBet team and LaLiga North America are strategically aligned in presenting fans with the best, fastest and most engaging experience possible,” noted Johnny Aitken, CEO of PointsBet USA. 

“As an operator that’s in the rare position of owning our technology end-to-end, we are able to move fast and innovate unique features for our customers that enhance their betting, such as being the only sportsbook with deep Spanish language functionality across our entire product so that the premium PointsBet quality is never lost in translation.”  

This deal marks PointsBet’s third partnership with a major professional league after entering into a collaboration with both the NBA and XFL in February of 2020. PointsBet is the first sportsbook to partner with LaLiga in the US and will kick off ahead of El Gran Derbi on March 15, 2020.