Digitote is offering sports betting operators the chance to take back control of their business by selling access to its technology platform, as well as individual modules, adding that payback of the cost of the full platform can be achieved in just 12 months. 

The betting solutions provider confirmed that the purchase options are available for retail only operators, standalone online operators and those with a blend of the two, as the different components of the platform are all run off the same system.

SBC Americas has learned that Digitote is aiming to disrupt the sports betting software supply market, targeting  operators that want to regain control of their technical future having lost the attention of the big third-party providers, who continue to give priority to their highest volume clients.

Digitote stressed that the technology can be added to a new operation or an existing front end. An experienced development team is on hand to oversee the integration in either case.

“We have learned that many operators no longer control their own destiny. The main issue with the present model is the customer has no control over how their business grows.  With our offering operators don’t need to rely on the availability of their supplier’s development resource to get enhancements and new products built in sensible timescales at a reasonable industry cost,” said Gunter Boyks, Founder and MD of Digitote.

“We want to give this back to operators which also results in reduced costs, increased control and increased business value. Our 32-year experience tells us there is a point of critical operating mass where technical ownership makes sense from a cost, resource and valuation perspective. 

“As well as technology via our game-changing business model, we provide access to our hugely experienced development team who understand the industry’s latest requirements and can work on behalf of our customers or work with them to build, operate and transfer an operator-owned development team if that is preferred.

“This frees our customers from 3rd party technical roadmaps placing the control of the business back in the hands of the operator enabling them to be as competitive as major Tier 1 bookmakers.”

Elaborating on the savings involved for the operators, Boyks explained: “The business case is clear. Payback of the cost of the full platform can be achieved in as little as 12 months with savings on revenue share payments. When you combine this with the increased control and the fact that valuation can increase by 100% when you own your own technology, the arguments to purchase are hard to ignore.” 

The race to secure market share in the US will be won by the operator that can build the right products at the right time in a fast and cost-effective manner. Waiting for 3rd party suppliers to fit important enhancements into already packed schedules will be a major blocker, especially when developing a mobile app with unparalleled live betting functionality. Retail will still play a very important element in securing customers so a seamless experience between all channels is essential.

Boyks: “Our retail experience puts us in a strong position to support US customers. We believe a strong retail offering is essential and we can support racetracks, casinos and route businesses that want to offer their customers an omnichannel experience across all sports as well as racing. When you add that to the fact our customers can own their own platforms outright either from the start or at a defined point, I think we offer an alternative attractive proposition to existing US operators.” 

The Digitote team is available for meetings at ICE (stand N9-206). You can connect with them via the event’s website or email [email protected] to make an appointment.