The National Hockey League (NHL) and SportsMEDIA Technology (SMT) have broadened out the terms of their long standing partnership to include puck and player tracking technology development and implementation, data integration and distribution, and virtual graphics generation.

The expanded agreement incorporates a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that includes the capture, processing, distribution and visualization of game data. It will be used to enhance a multitude of NHL platforms and fan experiences including live game broadcasts, streaming products, sports betting, free to play apps, fantasy and AR/VR. 

Featuring is an updated version of the NHL’s HITS (Hockey Information and Tracking System) official scoring system, which will include the future integration of puck and player tracking data. SMT will continue to develop and install NHL puck and player tracking systems and related technology in all NHL arenas.

The solution also uses SMT’s OASIS platform and infrastructure to ingest, aggregate, and distribute data from multiple sources and filter and distribute data to the appropriate NHL applications, stakeholders and end consumers. NHL puck and player tracking data will be processed and distributed in the form of innovative graphics and visualizations to NHL media partners and other stakeholders.

“Fan engagement and technological innovation are at the forefront of everything we do,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. “Using technology to depict exactly how fast, how skilled our game and our players are, enhances the connectivity our fans have with hockey.” 

He added: “We are thrilled to expand our partnership with SMT, a leader in the sports technology industry and established partner of the NHL. Through our partnership we look forward to continuing to innovate our scoring and puck and player tracking systems, as well as how we bring to life limitless data points, which will take fans more inside the game than ever before.”

“SMT is proud to extend our longstanding partnership with the NHL and to support NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s vision for harnessing the power of live player and puck tracking,” said SMT CEO and founder Gerard J Hall. “With the installation of SMT’s comprehensive OASIS Platform in every NHL arena, broadcasters, fans and other hockey stakeholders will experience a firehose of data seamlessly integrated into easy-to-consume visualizations that showcase never-before-seen insights, predictions and content.”