Dustin Gouker and the team at Legal Sports Report highlight some of the key US sports betting issues to look out for in the week ahead.

How fast is US online sports betting growing?: The new numbers from New Jersey and Pennsylvania will be coming out soon. And this will be our first glimpse at what a more mature online sports betting market looks like during football season, which is the busiest time of year for US sports betting. Particularly interesting will be seeing how Fox Bet is performing as it rolls out in the US, and seeing just how much of a dominant force it could be when combined with FanDuel Sportsbook’ the companies that own both announced a huge tie-up last week. You can track all US sports betting revenue and handle over at LSR.
Oregon online: As we sit here on Monday morning, the Oregon sports betting app is not yet live, although this was the latest target date we had heard. If it does go live today or in the near future, it will be the eighth US state with statewide mobile betting. Like some other states, the lottery here would run sports betting as a monopoly; that obviously funnels all the money to the state and programs supported by the lottery, but is less than ideal in maximizing your reach and the penetration into the black market.
Michigan and Ohio: We’re watching two states with a chance of legalizing sports betting this fall: Michigan and Ohio. The situation on the ground is complicated for both, with less than ideal policy choices on the table in the two midwest states. But if they do go live, it would add a large population base to the ever-growing sports betting industry in the US. More on MIchigan sports betting and Ohio sports betting.
G2E is coming: The gaming industry gets together all the time, but the biggest gathering in the US is each year in October in Las Vegas. Last year, sports betting was the hot topic, and that will be the case again this year. Sports betting and online gambling companies took up prime real estate on the show floor in 2018, and we’ll see a repeat of that this year. Look for more coverage at LSR and SBC leading up to and from the conference.