Keith O’Loughlin, SVP Sportsbook and Platforms at SG Digital and Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation Representative and Nation Enterprises CEO, offer a round table perspective on how SG will power the nation’s new sportsbooks at its three upstate New York casinos – Yellow Brick Road, Turning Stone and Point Place. 

What are the headline features to expect from these new Oneida Nation sportsbooks?

Keith O’Loughlin: Oneida bettors will have access to our full suite of sportsbook products that reimagine the sports betting experience. 

The enhanced user interface and Match HQ scoreboards make it easy for bettors to engage with up-to-date match scores and game data while seamlessly placing bets within the streamlined front-end. Placing a bet has never been easier for a rookie sports bettor, and for seasoned punters, finding more complex bets that cater to their unique taste is a simple process. 

Oneida’s properties also benefit from state-of-the-art in-venue displays that make a huge visual impact on anyone who enters the betting area. Games and matches are displayed on massive screens that showcase the true spectacle of sport.

Ray Halbritter: The Lounge with Caesars Sports venue features state-of-the-art technology and top-notch amenities, including massive LED screens, full-service bars, custom menus created by an award-winning culinary team, ultra-comfortable seating and VIP areas with their own dedicated TV screens. 

At Turning Stone, The Lounge with Caesars Sports features a 500-square-foot curved LED screen with acuity similar to Times Square and visible from three sides. 

Point Place Casino’s sportsbook is located within the newly expanded gaming floor, with the primary video wall featuring a 24-foot HD LED screen, plus an additional 30 LED TVs throughout the space. 

At nearly 9,000 square feet, The Lounge with Caesars Sports at Yellow Brick Road is now the largest sportsbook in New York. It features exclusive “Fan Caves” — living room-style seating areas with private viewing, guest-controlled LED screens and dedicated food and beverage servers. 

Are there any major differences between the make-up of a sportsbook stationed on tribal or non-tribal land?

KOL: I think the main differences stem more from geography and audience. Players cheer for their region’s teams for the most part, and it’s crucial to present them with betting options that cater to those preferences. 

Any sportsbook in any property should put the player at the heart of the solution, and that’s as true of tribal casinos as it is of any other. 

RH: Under the gaming compact negotiated between the Oneida Indian Nation and the State of New York, guests can be 18 year of age to play at our sportsbooks.   

Players will be able to exchange loyalty points for Caesars Rewards Points at all Caesars properties; how important is this cross-selling set up?

KOL: This is a great competitive advantage that can keep punters loyal to your brand while empowering them to explore your offerings across other jurisdictions. If a player often visits a Caesars-branded sportsbook in New York then takes a vacation to Las Vegas, they may be more likely to head to a familiar sportsbook where they can earn rewards among the myriad options available to them. 

RH: Through our partnership with Caesars Entertainment, TS Rewards members are able to exchange and redeem their TS Rewards loyalty points – and to have their player tier levels matched – for Caesars Rewards Points at Caesars 54 properties across the globe. The exact same exchange will be available for Caesars players at any of our Oneida Indian Nation properties. 

And finally, how will the Scientific Games partnership with the Oneida Nation be impacted by Eldorado’s buyout of Caesars?

KOL: It’s a win-win. We have a long-running relationship with both Caesars and Eldorado, and we think their merger will spur many new opportunities for our partnership. 

RH: The partnership between SG Digital, Caesars and Oneida Nation Enterprises has been a unique and productive one. It’s a relationship that brings together the strengths and expertise of three industry leaders to create an original and unparalleled gaming experience.