Or Lifshitz, Co-founder and CEO of Sidelines.io, will be taking part in next week’s Betting on Sports conference at London’s Olympia. He took time out to talk with SBC Americas about sports wagering, free data and bringing back the power to bettors.

SBC Americas: Can you tell us about the origins of Sidelines – how and when the company was formed and who are the key personnel?

Or Lifshitz: Sidelines harnesses the power of machine learning and natural language processing to empower sports players around the world. Our goal is to help users make informed sports betting decisions based on the most probable outcome and the best possible odds, using advanced technological tools.

The idea to launch a tool for sports bettors that combines big data and high-quality content was born when I worked at Google back in 2016. As a data buff, I found that sports betting relies on emotions – no other way around it. But when you back your decisions on data, that’s when it turns into more than just a ‘hobby’. It was about that time when I met Rotem Haber, a true sports fan, and together we’ve built a team that’s the perfect mix of data scientists, great product managers, and sports fanatics.

SBC Americas: How does your business work and what does it bring to the markett?

Or Liftshitz: For years we have tried to find a way to deliver stats and analytics in an easy and approachable way, and arm recreational sports bettors with tools that will help them to bet on sports in a way that’s perfectly fit for their specific needs. So, basically we are bringing the power back to the bettors.

Today, I’m proud to say that Sidelines.io is the number one place to compare all regulated sportsbooks, get vital data and analysis, projections, betting tips, and improve your overall performance.

We offer a unique combination of three key benefits:

  1. Real-time connectivity to all the US regulated sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, MGM, etc that allow our users to track the odds, line movements, spreads, and more. 
  2. A comprehensive news center that covers stats, injuries, bottom lines, analyses, special offers from operators, etc.
  3. Tips and comparisons that break down the best promotions, best odds, and best insights.

And it’s all available for desktop and mobile on a user-friendly, easy-to-use, and (most importantly) free platform. We believe that today, there’s absolutely no reason you should pay for data.

SBC Americas: In what is becoming an increasingly crowded US marketplace, what makes you stand out from the competition?

Or Lifshitz: There are two key areas where Sidelines.io stands out from the competition. First, unlike most sports betting tools that offer a ‘freemium’ version or a paid subscription, Sidelines.io is a completely free-to-use tool. Users simply need to login and create a free account and they instantly have access to our algorithms, data, news and projections. 

Second, most of our competitors focus on unregulated markets. As legalization is sweeping the US, with sports gambling legal in 13 states, Sidelines.io is dedicated to serving the needs of this market and helping new players gain an advantage over the bookies.

SBC Americas: We’re looking forward to hearing you speak at the Betting on Sport conference next week. What are you looking forward to most from the event? 

Or Lifshitz: Betting on Sports conference is hands-down one of our favorite industry events to attend. It’s always a great opportunity to meet colleagues and learn from industry leaders. 

This year’s summit is especially exciting for us because we will uncover our US journey with Sidelines.io,the world’s first odds-comparison platform for the newly regulated market.