Commencing July 13, the Thoroughbred Idea Foundation (TIF) is launching a series of free-to-enter contests over the next eight Saturdays in which participants will answer a series of prop-style questions, similar to offerings in states with legalized sports betting. Those with the highest scores each week, and overall, will win the right to direct charitable contributions to several jockey health-related initiatives.

“The future of American wagering on horse racing must include fixed-odds and exchange options if we are to remain competitive in the modern betting marketplace,” said Pat Cummings, TIF Executive Director. “While our existing pari-mutuel options can and should remain available, and fully recognizing that the majority of those are exotic bet-types which would remain untouched by bookmakers, it is beyond time for industry stakeholders to take notice of the revolution sweeping America and create ways for racing to be more actively involved.”

Donations, which will total $25,000 by the end of the summer, will be directed by contest winners to entities which either support injured jockeys, or work to improve standards of protection or health, recovery and performance of jockeys. 

“We look forward to sharing more about the work of these organizations over the course of the summer,” said Cummings. “Those seeking to improve the conditions, performance and treatment of jockeys help raise the overall standing of our sport.”

Each weekly contest will feature 12 props and a tiebreaker. The individual with the most props correct will get to direct $1,250, while second directs $500 and third will direct $250. Participant points will accrue over the course of the summer and four highest scores of each participant will count towards the final summer standings. 

At the conclusion of the contest, the entrant with the highest four-contest total will get to direct $5,000, second-highest will direct $3,000 and third-highest will direct $1,000. Individual winners can also identify other jockey-specific charitable entities. More than 200 people participated in a similar one-day contest linked to prop outcomes from the Belmont Stakes card on June 8.