SportsHandle and friends deliver another round-up of the week’s big developments in US sports betting.

Maine Legal Sports Betting On Hold As Governor Demurs On Passage

On Tuesday the deadline came and went for Maine Governor Janet Mills to sign L.D. 553, a bill passed by both chambers of the legislature on the last day of the session on June 19 that would legalize sports wagering in retail sportsbooks and online statewide. While Mills is generally not in favor of any expansion of legal gambling in the state, her signature for the measure passed on bipartisan lines was expected. By letting the bill go unsigned, Mills, a Democrat, basically punted.

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Five States Still Could Pass Sports Betting Proposals In The Second Half Of 2019

We aren’t that far past the halfway point in calendar year 2019, but most states have wrapped up their respective legislative sessions for the year. Just five states with sports betting legislation on the table for consideration have active sessions. It’s been a busy year so far, with the likes of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Maine all passing some form of legislation this year. By year’s end, there could be a dozen states with active sports wagering markets. A handful kicked off betting in 2018.

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Indiana Could Block Mobile Betting At Sports Venues

You buy tickets to see a sports event with your friends, and once you arrive at the game you open up your mobile sports betting app and find out that you can’t bet on the game from your seats. You turn to your friend and ask, “Why didn’t we just watch this game at a bar?” That could be the situation if a sports governing body persuades the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) that allowing wagering from the location of a particular sports event is risky.

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It’s WSOP Main Event Time! What To Expect, Where To Watch, And Other Historic Happenings

Over the course of the next two weeks, the most prestigious poker tournament of the year will play out, crowning the closest thing the game has to a universally recognized world champion. The World Series of Poker $10k buy-in no-limit hold’em tourney that starts today — better known as the Main Event — may or may not be poker’s ultimate test of skill and may or may not be poker’s ultimate test of luck, but it is most definitely poker’s ultimate test of endurance.

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USBookmaking Expands Reach With Tribal Gaming Vendor Group

Nevada-based USBookmaking is affiliating with TribalValue, a clearing house for Native American casino vendors. The plan is to offer sports betting risk management and operational expertise to tribal casinos as sports wagering becomes legal in each tribe’s state. The arrangement was announced Tuesday.

TribalValue is a division of TribalHub. TribalValue provides a group discount offered by its vendor partners seeking to offer specialized services to Native American organizations, enterprises and tribal members.

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