Sports betting, for a number of sports leagues and gambling operators, can present an opportunity to elevate fan engagement and the overall experience according to Adam Davis, Chief Revenue Officer at Harris Blitzer Sports & entertainment.

In an interview at the recent Betting on Sports America conference in New Jersey, Davis spoke to SBC about the new opportunities that sports betting provides for betting sponsorship deals and whether the US sponsorship model can be rolled out across the US.

When asked about what opportunities sports betting can bring, he explained: “It’s fantastic for our fan base, I mean I think that the engagement that sports betting provides in any game is spectacular. You can be up 3-0, you can be down 3-0, and it keeps every fan engaged which for us is great for the fan experience and great for engagement with the team.”

With the market still relatively new, but quickly becoming saturated, operators must ensure that they are deploying creative marketing strategies when it comes to sponsorship activation. When asked about this, Davis commented: “I think that in the States in particular, it’s a very immature market and I think they need to educate fans today – in particular, in-play betting which is brand new to the US. But I think it’s being as creative that they can be while staying within the rules of the league.

“I think that there are certain limitations right now of things that take place in Europe which the US regulations wouldn’t allow for. But I think that there are certain models – I’d say fifty per cent that we see in Europe that I say we could take over here, and there’s fifty per cent that is, in current state, not applicable. But ten years from now, who knows.”