Pennsylvania gamblers that wager on sports and play casino-style games online can now access a self-help tool that enables them to voluntarily exclude themselves from participation should they find they are developing a gambling problem.

Launched by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) this week, the tool is modeled on its existing casino self-exclusion program that has succeeded in assisting thousands of players by allowing them to voluntarily ban themselves from gaming in the state’s terrestrial casinos.

The igaming self-exclusion program will similarly allow individuals to voluntarily choose one-year, five-year, or lifetime bans for online gambling activities. Information and a sign-up tool for the igaming self-exclusion program can be accessed from a special link under the QuickLinks section of the homepage on the PGCB’s website,

All Commonwealth online gaming sites must refuse wagers and deny gaming privileges to all persons on the list, as well as refuse any player club membership, complimentary goods and services, and other similar privileges. Persons on the list must also be blocked from solicitations, targeted mailings, telemarketing promotions, player club materials or other promotional materials relating to igaming activities.

“It is important to note that the PGCB’s igaming self-exclusion program is separate from the existing casino self-exclusion program,” said the board.