Minnesota’s White Earth Reservation Business Committee has voted unanimously to approve the formation of a new White Earth Gaming Ordinance. A key change in that Ordinance is that the Commission will now be made up of non-elected officials and will be independent from the Tribal government. Currently, Tribal Council members make up the Commission.

The new Ordinance states the Tribe will establish a Tribal Gaming Commission and their duty is to regulate licensed gaming operations within the jurisdiction of the Tribe. The Gaming Commission is an agency of the White Earth Tribal Council and is subject to review and oversight by the Council. The Commission, which takes sole responsibility of gaming operations, will consist of five members that will be appointed by the Council.

“This will provide a checks and balances system,” said White Earth Secretary-Treasurer Alan Roy. “Since the Tribe currently has sole proprietary interest and responsibility for the conduct of gaming, Commissioners that report to themselves is problematic.”

Members of the Gaming Commission must hold a valid gaming license and will be required to successfully pass a background investigation, which will include a review of their financial, criminal and employment history.