, the betting and live horse racing web portal, has transformed its offer by incorporating Progressive Web App (PWA), an advanced technology that gives users an improved experience including faster loading times, improved navigation and native app-like functions. Additionally, the PWA technology will deliver a seamless wagering experience across all devices as well as pave the way for further enhancements, such as offline navigation and push notifications.

The update also includes two new bet modifiers, Rank and Rank Pro. Rank betting allows players to “rank” the runners from best to worst, select the amount they wish to wager and the AmWager system will then build their ticket combinations up to their budgeted amount.  Rank Pro is similar, but it allows professional bettors to create their own percentage odds lines for each runner in each part of the wager.

AmWager’s conditional wagering system has also been improved; it now allows players to select a range of odds or payouts when submitting their wagers. Users are no longer limited to a single condition on their wagers.

Thirdly, the firm has created a new aggregate odds system that considers all pools for which there is available data. Its TRUodds system can help players spot where runners are over or under bet in the WIN pool as compared to Exacta, Double, and other pools.

CEO, Nelson Clemmens explained: “Over the past three years, AmWager has prioritized product innovation, which enables us to quickly respond to the needs of our players and the industry as a whole. This latest update, while it is significant, it is just another step in our progress. We are committed to a future of innovation as a means to provide all players with advanced tools designed with ease of use to deliver both an enhanced wagering experience and improved ROI.”