PrizePicks and Socure join SBC Webinars for GenZ and Identity Verification Masterclass

PrizePicks’ Co-Founder & CTO, Jay Deuskar, and Socure’s VP of Compliance Solutions, Debra Geister are set to join SBC Webinars for Growth Unleashed: Capturing the NextGen Market with Accurate Identity Verification.

The live webinar session, which is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 30, at 13:00 ET/ 10:00 Pacific and 18:00 GMT, will deliver a deep dive into verifying and onboarding the next generation of customers in the U.S. market.

In a little over a decade, Gen Z (born between 1996 and 2012) will become the primary consumer group in the U.S., and the leading driver of the American economy. 

Onboarding them safely and securely will be critical to any organization’s future success, but with limited available consumer data, this emerging generation requires advanced identity verification capabilities for secure, seamless experiences. 

Alongside first-hand accounts about what caused PrizePicks to experience low customer conversion rates and high manual reviews and operational costs, the panel will discuss:

  • How PrizePicks overcame the challenges and drove double-digit growth in new member auto-approvals, reduced fraud losses, and a massive drop in operational costs
  • Top ways that gaming operators can seamlessly verify player identities and reduce fraud losses without introducing friction at onboarding

Register for Tuesday’s webinar using the link here, and if you cannot make it, by signing up you can also gain access to the on-demand video, to watch as and when is convenient for you.