Gronkowski returns for second FanDuel Kick of Destiny Super Bowl campaign

Football mid air during field goal kick
Image: Shutterstock

Rob Gronkowski may have whiffed the actual field goal but FanDuel thinks its Kick of Destiny campaign was so on the money it is bringing it back in 2024.

“Last year’s Kick of Destiny campaign saw tremendous engagement from our customers as they were captivated with what would happen during our live Super Bowl commercial,” said FanDuel Executive Vice President of Marketing Andrew Sneyd. “With the introduction of the Make or Miss free pick function and Rob’s desire for redemption, this year will be even more exciting for FanDuel customers. Rob is an authentic embodiment of the FanDuel fan – passionate, entertaining, and trailblazing – and we’re ready to make history…again.” 

The Make or Miss function Sneyd mentioned will allow FanDuel Sportsbook bettors to choose a side. If they pick correctly, they will win a share of $10 million in bonus bets. Last year, anyone who bet $5 on the Super Bowl with FanDuel would get a share of $10 million if he made the kick, which he did not.

“I can’t lie, when I missed the Kick of Destiny during last year’s Super Bowl, it was devastating. I told the team at FanDuel I knew I could do better and needed a shot at redemption this year,” said Gronkowski. “I’m going to show America I can make that kick, even with all the pressure of doing it live in front of the entire country. No wind is going to stop me, and we’re going through the uprights this year for everyone who picks that I’m going to make the kick.” 

Last year, former NFL kicker Adam Vinatieri served as Gronkowski’s kicking coach. This time around, Gronk’s mentor is more removed from place kicking. Actor Carl Weathers, who previously played with the Oakland Raiders for two seasons in the 1970s will coach. Meanwhile, wrestler and movie star John Cena will represent Team Miss in the campaign and will actively root for Gronkowski to fail again.

“I rarely get to play the villain so I’m ready to fully embrace this role,” said Cena. “I remember watching Gronk’s kick last year and am so excited to be working with a brand like FanDuel to make this sports moment more exciting for their fans, but do I think he’s going to make it? No chance!”

The ad campaign around Kick of Destiny 2 is already underway with the first spot debuting on Tuesday: