Prohibet adds another client with Circa Sportsbook partnership

Circa Casino
Image: Shutterstock / Kit Leong

The list of leagues and operators working with Prohibet continues to grow. This week, the group announced a new partnership with Circa Sportsbook.

“We are excited to partner with Circa Sports. The fusion of ProhiBet’s encrypted data transfer system with Circa’s commitment to sports integrity will elevate the transparency and credibility for both existing and upcoming bettors,” said Matt Heap, ProhiBet’s Managing Director.

Prohibet is a joint venture of Odds on Compliance and U.S. Integrity that has grown its list of partners tremendously over the past nine months. Since its launch, the two companies have announced plans to merge.

New partners on the sports league side include Conference USA, the Big Ten, the Big 12 and the Sun Belt Conference.

On the operator side, recent signees include Tipico, PrizePicks, Underdog and Hard Rock Bet.

During 2023, many sports betting scandals where college athletes were caught betting dominated the headlines. Most state regulators already have rules in place explicitly prohibiting coaches or players from placing wagers. In the past, operators have often pointed to the lack of ability to enforce rules. With the growing popularity of Prohibet, there are fewer opportunities to plead that it is an unenforceable regulation.

With new legislators coming back into session, there could be even more focus on athletes and athlete protection from policymakers. Ohio lawmakers legalized involuntary self-exclusion for bettors who harass athletes when they passed a budget bill last summer and more states could follow suit.

Iowa is also said to be revisiting its regulations around athletes wagering after dozens of athletes from the University of Iowa and Iowa State University were found to be betting.