Soft2Bet envisages big 2024 for gamification and AI

Image: Shutterstock

Sports betting and online casino platform provider Soft2Bet has enjoyed “significant growth” in 2023 and has outlined several key predictions for the year ahead. 

The firm enjoyed exponential growth in 2023, highlighted most prominently through 300% EBITDA growth in the last 12 months. 

This, Soft2Bet asserted, was primarily driven by the successes of its Motivational Engineering Gaming Application gamification technology, which aims to help its clients improve upon their customer acquisition and retention rates. 

Embarking on a gamification strategy in 2023, the firm experienced a GGR increase in Denmark and Sweden of over 65%, and more than 50% of the player base engaged with gamification. 

Furthermore, deposit amounts were up over 50%, while its average revenue per user grew by more than 70%. 

Martin Collins, CBDO at Soft2Bet, commented: “For 2024, we look forward to furthering our innovation and motivational engineering offerings while expanding our reach across the globe. 

“The next year will be a pivotal one both for our company and the igaming industry more broadly. We focused on driving these exciting new trends as we continue to disrupt and drive the industry forward.” 

Following on from its successes in 2023, it is perhaps unsurprising that Soft2Bet envisages a big 2024 for gamification technology and its own MEGA product. 

The platform provider has outlined four key predictions for the industry in 2024, the first of which is that mobile gaming will become even more ubiquitous in global markets. 

It explained that operators must “stay ahead of the curve” on online casino products and markets as innovation will only continue to drive the industry across the globe in the next year. 

Following on from innovation, Soft2Bet foresees an increased usage of AI this year. While 2023 was arguably the year that AI made it mainstream, the emerging technology will be increasingly used in the igaming industry. Particularly, Soft2Bet sees AI being used to more efficiently analyze data on customer preferences and, in turn, to improve gamification offerings. 

Thirdly, the platform provider expects that the user experience and user interface will be of utmost importance in the next 12 months. It explains that, for operators to enjoy success, its UI and UX must be up-to-date with new innovations.

Finally, the firm reiterated its commitment to responsible gaming for 2024, noting it will “introduce more innovative, proactive, and user-friendly responsible gaming tools and solutions”.

Uri Poliavich, Founder and CEO of Soft2Bet added: “As we move into 2024, the key to succeeding in our industry lies in adapting to evolving player preferences, harnessing cutting-edge AI, advanced motivational engineering techniques, and ensuring a seamless user experience. 

“At Soft2Bet, we are fully equipped and committed to meeting these challenges head-on. With our innovative and hyper-localized MEGA solutions, advanced analytics, and a strong emphasis on responsible gaming, we’re poised to not only adapt to the changing landscape but to lead and define it.”