GVC posts further gambling safeguards amid COVID outbreak

GVC Holdings, the global sports betting and gaming group, has welcomed the BGC’S coordinated industry approach that aims to provide a safer betting and gaming environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

A statement from the group announced the release of further responsible gambling safeguard enhancements which are set to ensure its products continue to be enjoyed as a ‘safe form of casual entertainment.’ 

The enhancements have been put in place to ensure customers do not exceed their financial boundaries with GVC acknowledging the added risk associated with housebound lock-down as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

These risks include individuals becoming isolated, depressed or in financial distress and as a result the group is taking a number of decisive actions and building on its Changing for the Bettor safer gambling strategy in order to protect vulnerable customers. 

GVC CEO Kenneth Alexander commented: “At this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we are more committed than ever to keeping our customers safe while they enjoy our products. We are hugely sensitive to the potential for increased risk for some who are isolated at home or may have financial difficulties with reduced access to work.   

“Our enhanced tools give customers the power to manage their spending and time in an effective way, and we are backing this up by carefully monitoring play through our markers of harm.

“As an industry, we have a clear responsibility to protect the vulnerable and we warmly welcome the coordinated approach announced today by the BGC which provides a template for strengthening player protections.”

The responsible gambling safeguard enhancements made by the Group are: 

  • Proactive communication with all customers, across all Group brands and in all territories, to remind players to gamble responsibly and direct them to the Group’s suite of safer gambling tools. Through these tools, customers are encouraged to set deposit and time limits as well as enabling them to self-exclude from the Group’s sites altogether. In the coming weeks the Group will introduce further tools including curfew setting, stake limit setting on slot games, and reverse withdrawal settings. (See notes to editors for further details).


  • The addition of two new Markers of Harm (“MoH”) indicators to the Group’s safer gambling algorithm, enabling the identification of potentially problematic gambling behaviour at an earlier stage. The additional MoHs will specifically review player behaviour pre and post home isolation. In the event that increased-risk behaviour is identified, a sliding scale of interventions will be initiated, which ultimately may result in the suspension or closing of accounts.


  • Increased responsible gambling messaging on the homepage and throughout all sites, with a new page providing dedicated advice on keeping betting sensible and enjoyable during the current crisis.


  • GVC gaming brands will run responsible gambling-led, multi-channel advertising and marketing campaigns to promote responsible gambling to customers while they enjoy time on our sites.


  • Specific guidance and restrictions mandated to all affiliates preventing them from referencing the pandemic or encouraging excessive play due to boredom or isolation. This advice will include a specific blacklist of banned terms.