New Locker DFS game brings in-game predictions to fantasy sports

Desean Jackson
Image: Shutterstock / s_bukley

Companies continue to expand the limits of what fantasy sports can entail. A new entry into the market, Locker, wants to create an experience that combines predictions and trivia to create fantasy contests.

“The sports betting products available to today’s mass-market consumer come with a high barrier to entry, which too frequently serves to dissuade participation. Our mission through Locker is to fundamentally change that dynamic by bringing to market a product that’s both intuitive and social,” said Locker co-founder and CEO Noah Bernstein. “Locker empowers the everyday sports fan to put their wits to the test in a fun and gamified environment with cash rewards at stake. Whether you prefer to play quarterback from the comfort of your couch, compete alongside your buddies in a social setting or drill down on the numbers looking for an edge, we’re confident our contests will have wide appeal.”

The gist of the product is this: Throughout a sporting event, Locker contests ask users to answer multiple-choice questions like “Which team will have more yards on this drive?” Players work their way up the leaderboard throughout the game to win cash prizes.

Locker debuted free-to-play contests last month and have been offering contests for every NFL primetime game. Accordingly, the group has partnered with recently retired NFL wide receiver Desean Jackson to promote the games. Jackson will feature three upcoming games on his Twitch channel, including a Dec. 10 match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and Jackson’s former team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Locker is about to shake up the online gaming space and I’m fired up to be part of it from the outset by bringing these fun and rewarding contests to Hall of Fame Gaming’s expansive and hyper-engaged audience,” said Jackson. “I’m especially looking forward to watching my Eagles take it to the Cowboys on a national stage while competing in a Locker contest against all my fans and haters from coast to coast!”

Right now, the games remain free-to-play but the plan is to move to real-money gaming in the future. Locker is available in 20 states, most of which do not regulate and license fantasy sports. There are a couple of exceptions, including Colorado, which is in the process of re-evaluating fantasy sports regulations.