Soft2Bet unveils “great potential” of gamification solutions

Image: Shutterstock

Sportsbook and casino platform provider Soft2Bet has published a dataset that outlines the impact that its gamification tools are having on its clients, helping to increase player participation and overall GGR. 

The B2B firm revealed that its suite of igaming products such as City Builder, Betinia Stadiums and Bonus Crab helped to drive up its clients figures across several KPIs including GGR, and average revenue per user. 

Specifically, the firm’s features have led to an average uptick of 65% in GGR compared to non-gamified brands, while its partners have enjoyed over 70% in ARPU since taking on the Soft2Bet solutions. 

Furthermore, nearly half of the Soft2Bet playerbase have been exposed to the gamification features, and turnover amongst those players has increased over 70% whilst GGR is up over 65% compared to the half that have not been exposed to the features. 

Displaying the positive impact that its solutions will have for partners, Soft2Bet revealed that one of its gamified customers that utilizes its “Motivational Engineering” features experienced players who were 50% more likely to deposit “larger sums”. Those players were likely to deposit around 30% more frequently. 

The data also examined the impact of its sportsbook gamification tools, revealing that the Betinia brand saw 52% of players participate in the features, leading to deposit amounts up 60% and turnover increasing by 40%. 

“Gamification, or what we call Motivational Engineering, is at the heart of everything we do at Soft2Bet,” said Uri Poliavich, CEO and Founder of Soft2Bet. “These numbers confirm the great potential of our gamification products in the igaming industry. 

“We’re focused on continuing to innovate and push the igaming industry forward so that we can provide even more engaging and revenue-generating products to drive results for our customers.”

Soft2Bet’s “Motivational Engineering” tools are tailored to each end-user and aims to create a highly-personalized experience for each player. Available for operator partners, the features aims to make players “feel more connected to the customer brand”.