Novibet enters Mexican online gaming market

Novibet has expanded outside of Europe for the first time by entering the Mexican online gaming market.
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Novibet has expanded outside of Europe for the first time by entering the Mexican online gaming market.

The sports betting and igaming provider has grown its reach into Mexico as part of its growth strategy to strengthen its brand on the global stage.

“Our technological superiority combined with the proven readiness of our team to respond to industry challenges are the two pillars upon which we are building Novibet’s entry into the demanding Mexican market, as the first stop of our broad expansion in the Americas,” commented Rodolfo Odoni, President of Novibet. 

Mexico is the first of several new markets Novibet expects to enter across Latin and North America over the next few years based on its expansion plans.

Odoni added: “We are constantly reinforcing our dynamic presence in Greece, Ireland, and Italy, while we have already signed market access agreements for the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“At the same time, we are currently negotiating additional market access agreements and acquisition of licenses in other states of the USA, in the upcoming period.”

Novibet will be providing its online sports betting and igaming products in the Mexican market, with hopes of expanding this offering across Latin America.

The provider earned market access in Mexico back in August after agreeing to a partnership with Big Bola Casino.

Christoforos Bozatzidis, Chief Marketing Officer for International Markets, stated: “November is a key month for us as we planned the launch of Novibet in Mexico to coincide with the much-anticipated World Cup Tournament.

“The upgraded online sports betting and igaming entertainment experience we offer through our innovative technology platform is already available in Mexico and our team is ready to meet the special preferences and entertainment needs of the demanding local audience.

“So, leveraging our award-winning technology combined with excellent timing, our goal for the next period is to stand out as one of the leading online entertainment options in Mexico and gradually in the wider LatAm region.”