Brazil legislature names pro-gaming Rapporteur for sports betting bill

Brazilian Senate
Image: Shutterstock

The introduction of sports betting regulation in Brazil took another step forward as a pro-gaming lawmaker was named the Rapporteur of the relevant bill. 

Senator Angelo Coronel has been appointed as the Rapporteur on behalf of the Senate Economic Affairs Commission on which he sits as a member. 

As Rapporteur, Sen. Coronel will be charged with reporting on developments within commission meetings with regard to the sports betting legislation and making clear any final amendments that are proposed.

A member of the PSD – Brazil’s Social Democratic Party, which is one of the largest parties in the Senate with 10 seats – Coronel has a track record of pushing through gaming expansion legislation and policy.

His previous legislative duties saw him appointed as Rapporteur of the Bill to legalize resort casinos, although this has not yet been passed. However, he had also proposed amendments to the in-development betting regulation bill which would legalize other forms of gambling.

Like many gambling expansion proponents, Coronel cited the economic impact of gaming through taxation of revenue and winning: “The regulation of sports betting promoted by Provisional Measure 1182 is timely and valuable. The income potential of an economic activity already incorporated into the lives of Brazilians only confirms the certainty that the proposal is welcome. 

“The path opened, in order to break with paradigms of a moral nature, allows us to delve deeper into the issue and propose broader changes in our legislation, regulating, for example, the so-called games of chance, especially in resorts.”

Last month, the Chamber of Deputies – the lower house of the Brazilian parliament – passed the sports betting legislation with a series of amendments, one of which included an online casino provision. 

Now the bill is in the Senate, where the Senate of Economic Affairs Commission will scrutinize and debate it before it heads to the floor to be voted on. 

Brazilian gaming stakeholders will likely be pleased that a pro-gaming legislator is taking on reporting duties, with him being sympathetic to the gaming cause.