Taylor Swift saga driving bets on Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift
Image: Shutterstock

Taylor Swift has the kind of loyal following that gives her cultural sway and power across the entertainment industry globally. But while the mega pop star isn’t known for her sporting prowess, she is now having a significant influence on betting markets in the NFL.

Bets on Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce – who is rumored to be dating Swift –  more than doubled over the last few weeks. 

Tipico Sportsbook has published data revealing that “Swifties” are betting on, or at least influencing bets on, the Super Bowl winner in the four states where its sportsbook platform is live. 

Per Tipico data, there was a 115% weekly increase in Travis Kelce player prop bets and a 122% uptick in Kelce anytime touchdown bets.

The increase seems to be largely driven by “Swifties” – who have presumably been catching up on the “Comprehensive Guide” on Kelce produced by some outlets – as betting on the Chiefs between week three to week four only increased by 27%. There was only a 25% increase in moneyline and spread bets on the Chiefs. 

More evidence of Swiftmania was ascertained when it was revealed that Kelce was the most bet on anytime touchdown player in the NFL over the weekend on the Tipico Sportsbook. 

Kelce was worth 30% of ATTS bets, compared to the next closest Christian McCaffrey, who made up 14% of ATTS betslips. 

The matchup between the Chiefs and the Jets also made up 23% of NFL handle, but the high profile nature of that specific fixture may have had more to do with this statistic over the influence of Swifties.

Other notable information Tipico disclosed included increased activity on the Miami Dolphins after they romped to victory in week three against the Broncos. 

There was a 49% weekly increase in Dolphins anytime touchdown bets on any player from week three to week four, and a 6% weekly increase in any bets on the Dolphins game. 

Meanwhile, the third most popular game to bet on in week four on the Tipico platform was the match in London between the Falcons and the Jaguars

Despite an early kick-off time, bettors showed a clear appetite for the fixture over the pond as it accounted for 8% of all bets during the weekend.