Elizabeth Cronan, senior director of gaming policy at the American Gaming Association (AGA), has written to members reminding them that responsible gaming (RG) is more than a pledge, it’s a priority. She wrote: “To spotlight the significant commitments and contributions the industry makes in this important area, we are recognising August 6-10, 2018 as the 21st annual Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW). We encourage the casino gaming industry to use this week to reiterate foundational and evergreen responsible gaming education, programming and awareness with employees, patrons, policymakers, regulators and the public at large.”

Enhanced materials for RGEW are available on the AGA website. They include:

  • Social Media Toolkit: Utilise the social media kit to highlight how your organisation is recognising RGEW, and add the hashtag #RGEW2018 to your posts.
  • Meeting Planner: Post this flyer that helps inform employees about RGEW events and encourages awareness year-round.
  • Newsletter Article: Incorporate responsible gaming messaging into internal employee communications.
  • Quiz: Test your team’s responsible gaming knowledge.
  • Paycheck Message: Include responsible gaming messaging as an insert within employees’ pay stubs.
  • Suggested Activities: Keep responsible gaming top of mind for employees with other activities and ideas for engaging on this important issue.

Cronan added: “We encourage you to share your RGEW plans with us now and throughout the year. We will incorporate a member spotlight on the AGA website where we’ll highlight the industry’s recognition of responsible gaming. Additionally, we plan to host a Get to Know Gaming event at UNLV during RGEW, stay tuned for additional details.”

Further highlighting the industry’s commitment to RG, RGEW follows AGA’s launch of the RG Collaborative earlier this year. The Collaborative consists of leading gaming industry organisations, academic professionals and advocacy groups, to chart a new course on the complex issue of RG. The Collaborative will identify the programmes and policies that best address responsible gaming and the prevention of problem gambling and hold government accountable for supporting proven, effective solutions.

SBC Americas analysis: The message regarding responsible gambling cannot be repeated enough times given the moves currently taking place across the US to legalise sports betting. A solid corporate social responsibility framework – one that works effectively – will be essential if legitimate operators want bettors to eschew the long-established black market and, vitally, build trust with law makers and regulators.