Simplebet debuts Same Drive Parlays for NFL kickoff

Down marker with team in background

A couple of months after debuting Same Inning Parlays, Simplebet is putting out another product that combines the instant gratification of micro-betting with the appeal of a Same Game Parlay.

Simplebet announced this week that its tech now offers Same Drive Parlays, which combine the performance of multiple people or teams into a parlay bet centered on a single football drive.

While bettors cannot build their own Same Drive Parlays just yet, they can choose from pre-built options.

There will additionally be eight different drive result markets bettors can choose from:

  • Rushing touchdown
  • Passing touchdown
  • Field goal make
  • Field goal missed
  • Punt
  • Turnover on downs
  • Safety
  • Interception
  • Fumble

“We look forward to another successful season providing NFL micro-betting markets to our partners,” said Simplebet CEO Chris Bevilacqua. “With the unveiling of multiple new product additions, namely Same Drive Parlays, for this upcoming season, we strongly believe that this will continue to provide instant gratification to bettors and fans during the 104th season of the NFL. Our team has been working tirelessly this offseason and users will see improvements on uptime for all our markets, truly providing a seamless experience for them.”

There are new NFL innovations on the way too. Drive-related outcomes like whether or not a player will have a catch on a drive are in the pipeline.

One interesting element noted in the release was the opportunity to bet on whether or not teams will draw an offensive or defensive penalty on a drive.

Many states expressly prohibited wagering related to the officiating of the game, so it is unclear which states would eventually offer such a market.