Aspire Global - Online casino migration
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Migrating iGaming platforms can appear a daunting task, but the benefits for an operator can be substantial. Quincy Raven, EVP of iGaming & Sports US at NeoGames and Antoine Bonello, Managing Director of Aspire Global, sat together to discuss the fundamental elements that can make such a brave move a hugely beneficial experience.

Slowly but surely, we are seeing momentum build within the online casino market in the United States.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, Delaware, and West Virginia lead the way currently, though industry experts at least anticipate legislation will be considered in the near term for New York, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

Despite only six states having regulated iGaming thus far – in contrast to more than half the country that has either passed or is in the process of approving sports betting – we have certainly seen highly-impressive growth across the segment. 

The combined size of the online casino gaming markets in New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania is impressive, with the latest yearly figures from the three states showing revenues totalling $3.26bn. We anticipate the high double-digit growth that multiple US states have experienced in revenues to continue throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond.


Within such a competitive regulated market, it is imperative for operators to maximize the breadth of opportunities – and the selection of an appropriate iGaming platform is essential.

We find that operators often share their frustrations as to how existing player account management (PAM) systems are restricting their potential. 

Given the right technology, experience, and support, there are a host of positives when it comes to migrating a platform in the US. Opting for a complete iGaming supplier which is in control of its cross-vertical roadmap can have strategic advantages. 

Taking advantage of several gaming verticals, managed services, and other key pieces of the iGaming world, all through a single integration, allows an operator to present its players with the best possible solution.

A successful migration is a multi-faceted project, and it is important that a provider understands the importance of every aspect of the process. Undertaking a migration with a provider that has proven expertise in this area helps to ensure player satisfaction. This is supported by products and services that are best-in-class across a number of key elements including certification, scalability, and relationship management to name a few.

Receiving the necessary market certifications is particularly important in the US, where each state has its own regulatory framework with no two states being identical. A strong PAM like Aspire Core can be quickly and easily rolled out across multiple states, while being fully compliant and providing a seamless experience from the outset.

Having a comprehensive, advanced PAM means that the system can provide all the vital player features such as bonus engines, responsible gaming measures and on-boarding methods, without the need of sourcing and integrating additional third-party solutions. 

Creating a seamless process

When planning a successful migration, it is important to stick to timelines and prepare all necessary requirements. Failing to plan could lead to unnecessary delays and issues throughout the journey. Just as vital is to have a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA), so each party knows what is expected, ensuring full transparency.

It’s also crucial that while the brand remains the same, albeit improved through a platform upgrade, proprietary visuals are not adversely impacted in relation to an audience that they already resonate with. With digital migrations, having the possibility to opt for custom, template-based, or API interfaces which allow personalization is key.

To remain competitive, brands cannot afford to be let down by their technology. Downtime can cause a litany of issues including a loss of revenue, developing a bad reputation with customers, and an endless amount of customer queries. When migrating, however, downtime is unavoidable so it is best to plan a date and time where players will be inconvenienced least and complete the cut-over quickly. 

As it stands, Aspire Global is currently live in over 20 US states with the Aspire Core PAM, boasting 99.97% uptime while processing 1.5 billion transactions in North America.

By upgrading to a complete solution, operators maintain their hard-earned and often costly market position, player base and income streams, without starting everything from scratch. In a nutshell, this allows them to focus on what they do best – acquisition – while the provider handles everything else.