Venetian/Palazzo reaches agreement for non-gaming workers to unionize

Venetian Las Vegas
Image: Shutterstock

A group of labor unions have reached an agreement with Venetian Las Vegas to potentially allow staff in a non-gaming capacity to explore the possibility of unionizing. 

The Culinary Union released a statement noting that it, alongside fellow unions Bartenders Unions, Operating Engineers 501, and Teamsters 986, had agreed to a card check neutrality position with the Las Vegas strip resort. 

Consequently, the Venetian and Palazzo will not stand in the way of non-gaming staff who may wish to organize into a union. 

Unions can now enter talks with workers over potential representation without the blocking of the Venetian, which historically took a fierce anti-union position under the ownership of Sheldon Adelson, who passed away in 2021.

The Culinary’s statement read: “As union organizers continue to have conversations with workers at the Venetian/Palazzo, we are respectfully listening to what is important to workers, what they would like to preserve, and if there are improvements they would like to see implemented. 

“Our unions look forward to the opportunity to bring Las Vegas union standard, combined with the unique practices and benefits currently offered, to the Venetian and Palazzo workers.”

Gladys Henderson, who has worked as a floor attendant at the Venetian and Palazzo for over 15 years, added: “I’m really excited that the Venetian/Palazzo is respecting my choice and remaining neutral as my coworkers and I choose whether to unionize.

“My coworkers and I are excited for what the future holds for us and are grateful to have this opportunity.”