NYGC applauds sportsbooks for terminating college advertising partnerships

Syracuse University stadium chairs
Image: Shutterstock / Katherine Welles

At the most recent New York Gaming Commission meeting, Chairman Brian O’Dwyer reaffirmed the group’s desire to keep a clear division between sportsbooks and colleges and universities.

“I’m heightened by the news that many of the colleges and universities that previously entered into marketing arrangements with sports betting corporations are now negating those arrangements,” O’Dwyer observed. “I’m particularly grateful to Commissioner [Jerry] Skurnik for ringing these arrangements to the attention of the commission. As I stated at our last meeting, while we have allowed third-party marketing arrangements, we will be closely monitoring all advertising to ensure they meet our standards.”

Earlier this year, the state approved a set of rules that severely limited gambling affiliate operations in the state, but later added amendments to allow for cost-per-acquisition deals (CPA) while still limiting revenue share. At the time, O’Dwyer agreed to the rules but warned he would be quick to change course if he was dissatisfied with the kinds of advertising put forth by affiliates.

At Monday’s meeting, he reiterated that stance and said next month could be the time the commission finalizes its marketing regulations.

“I look forward, hopefully by the next meeting, to finalize our regulations in terms of arranges and marketing overall with colleges and universities.”

O’DWyer also used the opportunity to respond to the glut of speculation in the media about which projects might have the upper hand when it comes to the three downstate casino licenses.

Much of the reporting has assumed existing facilities MGM’s Empire City Casino and Resorts Worlds in Queens had the upper hand.

“I have repeated over and over to media and anyone who will listen that this commission is dedicated–passionate, dedicated–to ensuring that when we award these licenses that nobody has a leg up, nobody is in front, and no particular influences are there on the ultimate decision of the site selection committee and ultimately of this commission,” he said.