Rep. Dina Titus calls on NFL to be more transparent about gambling policy

Nevada Rep. Dina Titus
Image: Shutterstock

The leagues are drawing the attention of not only the media but national politicians. The latest NFL investigation into Indianapolis Colts player Isaiah Rodgers Sr drew the attention of Nevada Rep. Dina Titus, who penned a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seeking clarity on how the league is addressing the growing US sports betting market.

“While sports betting offers a fun way for fans to enjoy their favorite teams, it also brings risk that could undermine the integrity of the games that so many love. This risk is not new. Prior to 2018, sports betting by league-affiliated individuals in the illegal, offshore marketplace was much harder to detect, but that does not mean it was not happening. With sports betting increasingly becoming legal across the United States, sportsbooks and innovative integrity monitoring companies can alert gaming regulators and leagues when suspicious betting activity occurs,” Titus wrote.

Accordingly, she asked the leagues to respond by July 15 with the answer to several questions regarding each league’s policy on sports betting, how players and staff are educated on that policy, how the policy is monitored, and data around the number of violations and investigations related to the policy.

“While I appreciate all the work you are doing with sportsbooks, state regulators, and integrity partners, more needs to be done to ensure that sports remain free from outside influence. This includes educating the public about what you are doing to protect the integrity of the game and maintaining full transparency surrounding your policies and procedures,” she observed.

A few days after the letter, NFL held a press call regarding the league’s gambling policy clarifying the rules it entailed. The league did not comment on the scope of other investigations that are currently active within the league regarding potential policy violations.