NFL holds conference call over league betting rules

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In the wake of another player violating the league g

ambling policy, the NFL took time on Tuesday for a conference call going over the rules for players and staff. In short, they amount to don’t bet during football season.

NFL reporter Ian Rappaport highlighted a slide with the six rules of the policy:

The six key rules are as follows:
1. Don’t bet on the NFL
2. Don’t gamble at your team facility
3. Don’t have someone bet for you
4. Don’t share team ‘inside information’
5. Don’t enter a sportsbook during the NFL playing season
6. Don’t play daily fantasy football

The rule that has caused the most commotion is the one that prohibits players from betting while on company time or property, which includes everything from the parking lot to traveling on the plane to being at the hotel when participating in away games.

Players are allowed to bet on everything but NFL-related wagers, including college football, but it must be done on their own time. What adds to the confusion is that card games like poker are allowed to take place at these facilities if they are not for real money. Many players have recalled stories of these games and the actual stakes involved off the books. Season-long fantasy is also notably absent from the list of prohibited activities.

“It comes back to, in large part, a couple of rules that have existed as long as anybody can remember,” Jeff Miller, NFL executive vice president of communications, public affairs and policy said. “Don’t bet on the NFL. That’s not new because sports gambling is more available. That’s always been the case. And don’t bet when you’re at work, wherever work happens to be in that moment. That’s existed for a long time.”

What has changed is the widespread availability of betting, particularly from your cell phone. There are now more NFL teams in states with legalized sports betting than not.