IGT spins up omnichannel progressive for New Jersey Wheel of Fortune slots

Wheel of Fortune wheel
Image: Shuttertstock / Eric Glenn

It took ten years but New Jersey has its first wide-area progressive (WAP) jackpot that spans both online and retail casinos.

IGT announced its Wheel of Fortune progressive slot games will now share liquidity on Wednesday. Online, players will need to play Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold  Gold Spin ™ while retail players can qualify on any of the 18 available $1 Wheel of Fortune games. The reserve jackpot is a generous $500,000.

IGT unveiled the technology at SBC Summit North America back in 2021.

“IGT is thrilled to offer our customers in New Jersey the first omnichannel jackpot in the U.S. as a means to engage players across platforms and offer another play-driving Wheel of Fortune slots jackpot,” said Nick Khin, IGT Chief Operating Officer, Global Gaming. “Based on the continued success of IGT’s pioneering omnichannel WAP solution for Canada, Powerbucks, I anticipate our omnichannel link for New Jersey will drive performance and be readily embraced by operators and players alike.”

The Canadian Powerbucks WAP progressive jackpot originally launched in 2016 and has produced nearly 50 jackpots worth seven figures. However, Powerbucks is a nationwide progressive in Canada, while the Wheel of Fortune rollout is limited to just New Jersey.  

“With the continued growth of the iGaming market in the U.S., there could not be a better time to enhance our IGT PlayDigital portfolio for New Jersey with a compelling omnichannel jackpot,” said Gil Rotem, IGT President of iGaming. “IGT’s omnichannel version of Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold™ Gold Spin™ slots offers an attractive, fast-growing jackpot, and has already demonstrated outstanding performance results and effectiveness as a player-acquisition tool. Only IGT is experienced in offering wide-area progressive links to offer a transformative, cross-platform gaming experience.”

Wheel of Fortune was in the New Jersey online casino news just a couple of months ago with the launch of BetMGM’s Wheel of Fortune online casino, which features a range of titles related to the popular game.