iDEA forms sports betting advertising code to minimize risks of problem gambling

code of conduct
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iDEA Growth, a nonprofit body aiming to grow sports betting and gaming in the US, has formed an Online Gaming and Sports Betting Responsible Advertising Code, as it aims to minimize the risk of problem gambling amongst US players. 

Influenced by the iDEA Responsible Gaming Pillars, the code features several measures that the industry as a whole is striving to implement as it attempts to self-regulate before state governments become more hands-on. 

The five new measures that all members of iDEA have agreed to are: 

  • Complying with legal requirements relating to sports wagering and online gaming advertising
  • Promoting sports betting and online gaming only to those over the age of 21
  • Limiting college and university advertising
  • Promoting responsible gaming
  • Implementing and monitoring code compliance

“Responsible advertising minimizes risks to online sports betting and igaming consumers by ensuring that advertisements do not target or appeal to vulnerable groups, including minors and people who struggle with addiction,” said iDEA Executive Board Member Jim Ryan, CEO of Boyd Interactive

“By adopting the Responsible Advertising Code, our members are showing their commitment to promoting safe and responsible gambling practices, encouraging moderation, and providing information about problem gambling helplines and resources.”

This update follows on the back of the AGA updating its own Responsible Sports Wagering marketing Code recently, in which it banned terms like risk-free form marketing and the ban of college partnerships. 

However, operators have been minded to implement some of these changes before the associations have mandated them. Very few operators, by and large, use risk-free in marketing and college partnerships have been wound down since heavy mainstream criticism of the practice. 

iDEA’s code was created by the iDEA Responsible Advertising Committee, which will also review the code on an annual basis. 

“The legal online sports betting and iGaming industry is subject to strict regulations and licensing requirements. Responsible advertising is often a mandatory requirement imposed by regulatory bodies,” said iDEA Executive Board Member and Light & Wonder Global Head of Government Affairs & Legislative Counsel Howard Glaser.

“iDEA and its members are demonstrating that they are wholly committed to responsible advertising because we embrace both ethical practices and our customers’ well-being.”