Marcos Oliveira: we’re getting ‘Clever’ about our US expansion

Marcos Oliveira, Clever Advertising

As we all know, the US has long been the ‘land of opportunity’ for those gambling companies looking to expand their international footprint. With this comes new possibilities for affiliates.

Marcos Oliveira, Chief Operating and Commercial Officer at Clever Advertising, discusses the changing affiliate landscape in the US market  and further afield as he shares Clever Advertising’s plans for new jurisdictions.

SBC: The US gambling market has been open for business for nearly five years now, and with that has come a wealth of potential for companies such as Clever Advertising to expand their global footprint. What have been the key highlights / milestones for you during this time?

MO: Northern American markets aren’t new to us, and they always played a major role in Clever’s development. The USA hiatus served as the stellar point when compliance is concerned because now, we can say we are in contract with all major and most relevant players of the market, and that is key to our global markets’ stance.

During this time, we got legalized in over a dozen of jurisdictions; we have seen new operators entering the scene, and existing companies expanding their offerings to cater to the growing demand from players; We advanced our technology, and we are active participants in an ever-increasing Player Base.

SBC: Many US jurisdictions have made it known that they are incredibly strict when it comes to affiliation. What challenges has this presented for Clever Advertising?

MO: The affiliate restrictions implemented by various US jurisdictions have presented unique challenges for companies like ours. As a few examples, we can say that navigating the patchwork of regulations can be a significant challenge operating in multiple states, as each jurisdiction may have different requirements and restrictions regarding gambling advertising and affiliates. 

The Limited Market Access Some US jurisdictions impose restrictions on affiliate marketing, limiting the number of operators or types of gambling activities that can be promoted. This restricts the potential market reach for affiliates like Clever Advertising, making it more challenging to maximize revenue opportunities.

We must take the Compliance Burden into account: the evolving regulatory environment and varying requirements across different jurisdictions can create a significant compliance burden for affiliates. Ensuring that our marketing practices comply with all applicable rules and regulations requires continuous monitoring and adjustments.

And factor in the Marketing Channel Restrictions: In certain jurisdictions, there are restrictions on specific marketing channels or platforms for promoting gambling services. For example, some states prohibit the use of certain social media platforms or search engine advertising for gambling-related promotions. Adapting to these restrictions and finding alternative marketing channels can be a complex task.

Despite these challenges, Clever Advertising has remained committed to compliance and finding innovative ways to work within the regulatory frameworks. We have developed partnerships and collaborations with operators that prioritize responsible gambling practices and are compliant with local regulations, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

SBC: Is the US the only North American market on your agenda? Or do you have your eyes on other markets too?

MO: Absolutely! Canada and Mexico are good markets for Clever. In fairness, we have our eyes in all regulated or soon-to-be regulated markets, and while North America has been a significant focus for us, Clever Advertising is a global company with a keen interest in expanding into other regulated markets around the world. We believe that when a market regulates, we should be there to support and provide our expertise.

One market we are particularly excited about is Africa. The African continent is experiencing rapid growth in the gambling industry, and we see immense potential for collaboration and partnerships in this region. We are actively exploring opportunities to enter and establish a strong presence in various African markets.

SBC: What can we expect to see from Clever Advertising at SBC Summit North America?

MO: We’re committed to sharing valuable insights and knowledge. Our panels will feature industry experts who will delve into relevant topics, providing attendees with a deeper understanding of the gambling landscape, trends, and best practices. But it won’t be all serious business.

We like to inject a good dose of humor into our discussions and presentations. We believe that learning should be engaging and enjoyable. So, expect a lively atmosphere with some light-hearted moments that will keep the audience entertained while they gain valuable knowledge.

We are excited about the event and look forward to connecting with industry peers, sharing our experiences, and exploring potential collaborations that will shape the future of the global gambling industry.