SB22 bypassing ‘empty talk’ on RG with Ai22 Engine launch

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Image: Shutterstock

SB22 has launched its Ai22 Promotions Engine, seeking to create a personalized experience for all players to create a picture of individuals’ wagering styles. 

Ai22 leverages all available data sources from players including their social media feeds to aggregate them into a single product, allowing engines to predict and propose personalized betting offers to individuals. 

The self-styled disruptor to the sportsbook platform market has also claimed that the tool will help in identifying and tackling problem gambling by picking up on individuals’ patterns of behavior.

“Our aim with Ai22 is to move past the empty talk on responsible gaming and build the tech that can actually do something about it,” said John Asher Thompson, CEO of SB22.

Furthermore, the Ai22 product can use algorithmic technology to create a promo engine that can produce “thousands of promotions each with its own DNA”, tailored for each bettor. 

The product is available for sportsbook partners as an off-the-shelf add-on that can plug into the SB22 sportsbook platform. 

“We are excited to finally be able to step away from the error-prone methodologies that continue to plague legacy tech, focusing instead on the personal, human side of our players,” said Vladimir Jovanovic, COO of SB22. “Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for every sports betting fan.”

SB22 launched last year and is seeking to interrupt the North American sports betting platform market. So far, it has secured market entry in Puerto Rico by entering a deal with ZingSports to provide its platform when it launches sports betting in the territory.