Will new Bally Live app feature free MiLB livestreams?

Screenshots of Bally Live app featuring MiLB streaming
Image: Apple App Store

A report by the New York Post claims that Bally’s is going to begin streaming Minor League Baseball (MiLB) on its forthcoming app Bally Live.

According to the Post, Bally’s secured the streaming rights and the games will move from behind the paywall of the subscription streaming service MLB At Bat to the new free-to-watch app. The report further suggests that Bally’s will not offer MiLB betting but that betting on Bally Bet Sportsbook could be integrated into the app at a future date.

Bally’s declined to comment to SBC Americas on the story.

Bally’s has a pre-existing relationship with MiLB, having provided the official free-to-play game of the league, Minor League Rundown, last season. The game was featured on Bally Play, not to be confused with Bally Live, an arcade-style app of free-to-play games from Bally’s including Smashville Selector and the Live at the Bike prediction game.

While not officially launched, the Bally Live app is available in the Apple App Store for download and the screenshots for the app do seem to indicate there might be some truth to what the Post is reporting:

The screenshots indicate broadcasts of live MiLB games alongside Bally’s-owned content from poker livestream Live at the Bike and the AVP beach volleyball league along with a channel called Karate Combat.

The version of the Bally Live app available to download is currently showing reruns of MiLB games from last season:

There has been no formal announcement of the launch of Bally Live just yet. So far, the app is only available for download in the App Store and does not appear to be available for Android.

Bally’s announced a deal to be an authorized gaming operator of the MLB in March 2021 and is also an official betting partner of the New York Yankees as of August 2022.

Meanwhile, Bally’s broadcast partner, Diamond Sports, recently filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on several rights payments to individual MLB teams.