Mark Potter: it’s important to recognize responsible gambling from the outset

Implementing responsible gambling measures from the outset is essential for new states opening sports betting markets when considering legislation and regulations, according to Mark Potter, Head of Delivery at EPIC Risk Management.

Speaking to SBC Media at SBC Summit North America last year, Potter noted that it is “essential” to be proactive regarding player protection rather than wait for problems to arise before implementing legislative change.

He remarked: “I think the legalization of sports wagering especially in recent times across many states in the US has brought about a lot of dollars but with those dollars comes a lot of risk. 

“So it’s important to recognize responsible gambling from the outset and hopefully build a sustainable market across the US where people are not having to suffer from harm before legislation catches up. 

“My hope is that we can build a sustainable industry where we can actively protect players going forward from the outset.”

Prior to the event kicking off in New Jersey, EPIC hosted a Player Protection Symposium at the 40/40 Club to bring together over 100 delegates and place player protection measures at the heart of discussions.

Potter noted that those discussions had an impact in adding to conversations at the event, adding that it was a positive sight to see responsible gambling being spoken about at such a high level. 

“Some of the guys who were on panels (the previous day) have been on more today as well and they’ve fed through some of those conversations and highlighted the importance of player protection and customer protection as well as corporate social responsibility,” Potter added. 

“It’s nice to see some of those themes being discussed on a bigger and wider level.”