PGA Tour launches new Golfbet website to improve fan immersion

PGA Tour app
Image: Shutterstock

The PGA Tour has unveiled a redesign of its PGATour and websites, placing fan immersion and elevated technology at the heart of the experience. 

Rebuilding the entire infrastructure of the website, the PGA Tour stated that the redesign will offer fans ‘faster data, quicker loading times, and uninterrupted engagement’. 

The Golfbet brand was launched in 2020 in collaboration with The Action Network, but is now under PGA Tour operations and is led by Will Gray. 

Improvements to the Golfbet web asset include the introduction of extensive footage and storytelling and the inclusion of ‘best-in-class scoring and odds data. 

The stats element of the site will offer visualizations to add context to the numbers and make it easy to digest for fans and bettors, whilst transitions have been introduced to offer easy access to a wide load of information. 

PGA Tour stated: “Golf’s history has been defined by technological innovation, and not just titanium heads and solid-core balls. From the courses we play to how we watch the game we love, there have been dramatic shifts over the last century. If there’s one thing all these changes have in common, however, it’s that they have enhanced our enjoyment of the game.

“This tradition of innovation was our inspiration for the transformation of our website and app. We wanted to create platforms that enhanced the fans’ enjoyment of the game by bringing them closer than ever to their favorite players and tournaments.”

Embracing modern media consumption, Golfbet has included short-form video content as well as a content hierarchy to show users the most important information. 

Finally, PGA Tour athlete photos are used throughout the website, aiming to convey the emotion of the sport of golf whilst using video and aerial shots of the Tour aims to elevate the immersion experience. 

Commenting on future plans for the site, PGA Tour added: “In the coming months, we’ll be adding even more features, including deeper personalization and the ability to connect fan accounts for tickets, streaming and gaming so that all those experiences will be consolidated on one platform. 

“We’ll be adding new elements of TOURCast into the app, as well, putting even more of that award-winning product and its 3D shot trails in fans’ pockets. Users can follow a single player or a group, seeing the stats behind their shots just seconds after they’re struck.”