Quarter4 to generate AI sports betting content with Narrativa

Basketball player
Image: Shutterstock

Predictive sports data platform Quarter4 is bringing AI-generated sports betting content to the gaming space via a partnership with the AI content marketplace Narrativa.

Through the collaboration, Narrativa will use its AI technology to create “innovative and human-like long-tail and short-tail sports betting content,” to grow organic traffic and supply bettors with additional information.

Supplementing Narrativa’s content, Quarter4 will incorporate its all-in-one pre-game and in-game customized probabilities solution to “deliver multiple predictive data points for every player, every team, and every game,” and help pricing specialists and content creators “improve accuracy, educate audiences, build loyalty, and establish expertise.”

“We are excited to partner with Quarter4 and to provide a top-tier AI experience for the gaming industry that will increase online traffic for platforms while reducing their costs and the time spent on content creation,” Jennifer Bittinger, President of Narrativa.

“Ultimately this provides an incredibly scalable and more engaging experience for their audiences.”

The Quarter4-Narrativa partnership comes as the US online gaming industry begins to look for new ways to acquire and retain customers beyond traditional marketing techniques to meet more digitally minded, content-driven audiences.

“We have been searching for the most advanced NLP content to enhance our AI-driven data,” added Danijela Covic, CSO and Co-Founder of Quarter4.

“Narrativa, by far, is the most powerful and human-like content platform in the industry. Combining our technologies provides the betting and media ecosystems with one of the most progressive solutions ever deployed.”