ProhiBet product will flag prohibited bettors like athletes and coaches

Yellow penalty flag from football
Image: Shutterstock

Since the start of widespread sports betting in the United States, there have been concerns about the integrity of the endeavor. Recent investigations into the UFC as well as high-profile incidents with players like the NFL’s Calvin Ridley raise red flags about how and if the industry is adequately identifying prohibited bettors.

With that in mind, Odds on Compliance and US Integrity are teaming up for a new compliance solution called ProhiBet. Designed for operators to help flag prohibited bettors, the ProhiBet system is encrypted and decentralized, but can still flag when someone who shouldn’t be betting tries to place a wager.

“We are looking forward to providing a crucial industry resource and partnering with Odds On Compliance to deliver it to market,” said Matt Holt, CEO of U.S. Integrity. “This product and joint venture complement our USI services to clients.” 

“I’m proud to announce our joint venture with U.S. Integrity and the ProhiBet solution,” commented Eric Frank, CEO and Co-Founder of Odds On Compliance. “Working collaboratively with strong partners like USI allows us to be a market leader in delivering the future of compliance technology for the industry.”

A beta version of the ProhiBet product will be available later this year.