Simplebet brings micro-betting offering to Caesars Sportsbook

Simplebet will integrate its micro-betting products into Caesars Sportsbook after agreeing to a multi-year deal with the operator.
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Simplebet will integrate its micro-betting products into Caesars Sportsbook after agreeing to a multi-year deal with the operator.

Under the terms of the agreement, Caesars will be able to provide its customers with Simplebet’s micro-betting options on the results of every play, pass, possession, and pitch, within a game across the NFL, NBA, college football, and basketball, as well as MLB once the 2023 season begins. 

“Play-by-play betting is an innovation that we know our customers want access to,” commented Eric Hession, President of Caesars Digital.

“We’re excited to enhance our product experience by bringing customers closer to the sports, teams, and athletes they love than ever before at a time when the sports calendar is packed with marquee events.”

Simplebet has previously noted that 2022 was a record year for in-play MLB betting where month-over-month growth occurred at every stage in the season including the World Series, with this momentum spreading across to football and basketball.

As a result, Simplebet has stated that it is approaching a total micro-betting handle of $1bn across its partners.

“Forging a partnership with an iconic brand and leader in sports betting such as Caesars accentuates that micro-betting is becoming an emerging feature of the betting landscape and a must-have offering for any major sportsbook,” added Simplebet CEO, Chris Bevilacqua.

“Micro-betting has transformed the way fans, operators, and media companies view live sporting events and we’re thrilled to work with such a dynamic partner to accelerate its widespread adoption.”

Last month, Simplebet COO Mark Nerenberg spoke to SBC Americas, where he explained how the explosion of the North American sports wagering industry helped micro-betting meet its potential. 

Nerenberg said during the interview: “Why it’s becoming big now is because it’s uniquely suited for US sports. In US sports, you have a certain cadence where there’s some downtime in between each impactful play or micro event, like a pitch or a play in football. You have that in tennis as well, but generally, soccer is by far the most volume in sports betting globally. Not the best sport for micro-timeframe betting. Tennis is, and that does well, but there are not a lot of creative markets. 

“With baseball and football, we have ‘Will this next play be a rush or pass?’ ‘Will it be a first down, yes or no?’ We actually have the option where you can combine those and say this next play will be a pass for a first down or a rush and not a first down. There are a lot of interesting markets you can offer and they are opinions that casual and sports fans have and talk about.”