PlayUp pulls Slots+ product after Ohio issues cease and desist

PlayUp Ohio License Denial
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Editor’s note: A previous version of this story inaccurately described the nature of the PlayUp Slots+ product. The story has been updated to reflect how the Slots+ platform works.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) issued a notice it intends PlayUp’s application to be a sportsbook operator in the state, citing problems with illegal gambling violations related to its PlayUp Slots+ product. PlayUp is working with the OCCC to appeal the decision and cooperating with the state’s requests.

Per the OCCC, PlayUp has accepted illegal wagers from individuals in the US after April 16, 2015. In particular, the company used affiliates to promote that product to Ohioans and fraudulently presented that this product was legal to play within the state. The OCCC issued an immediate cease and desist to both PlayUp and the platform provider for PlayUp Slots+, Potent Systems.

PlayUp currently offers regulated sports betting in Colorado and New Jersey.

PlayUp pulls Slots+ product from US market

PlayUp, which is partnered with JACK Cleveland Casino, can and will appeal the decision. PlayUp provided the following statement to SBC Americas:

“PlayUp received the Commission Notice for Opportunity for Hearing and is reviewing its provisions with legal counsel. At all times, PlayUp believed it was operating within the bounds of Ohio law. As noted by the Executive Director, PlayUp acted diligently to come into compliance with the Cease-and-Desist Order. PlayUp remains committed to compliance with all Ohio laws.”

The OCCC confirmed to SBC Americas that both PlayUp and Potent Systems immediately complied with the cease and desist order and is no longer available to Ohio residents.

Looking in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well as the URL that previously housed the desktop version of the product, PlayUp has pulled the product from all US states sometime on Wednesday.

What is PlayUp Slots+?

A closer look at the PlayUp Slots+ product, which was available in 24 states, reveals why there is concern about its legality. According to Potent Systems’ website, “Potent’s pari-mutuel powered games offer casino style games – such as Slots, Match3, and scratcher games that cater to a broad demographic of casual players – by replacing the RNG in these games with pari-mutuel wagering outcomes.”

Unlike historical horse racing (HHR), which uses data from past horse races to generate slots results, Slots+ used current race results to determine the results of its various games. Essentially, it is the pari-mutuel wagering system available on advance-deposit wagering (ADW) apps presented in a different manner visually. While operational, the site was available in the same states that allow ADW apps.