BetMakers brings fixed odds betting to Jamaica’s Caymanas Park

Horse racing
Image: Shutterstock

BetMakers Technology Group has expanded its footprint across Jamaica after launching fixed odds betting at Caymanas Park racetrack. 

In collaboration with Supreme Ventures Racing and Entertainment, the firm has set up a number of betting stands across the racecourse as part of its roll-out of fixed odds betting. 

The on-course launch will be complemented by the unveiling of fixed odds betting across Supreme Ventures’ 130 retail outlets.

Dallas Baker, BetMakers’ Head of Business Development US, said: “The culture and passion for racing in Jamaica really needs to be seen to be believed. Jamaica punches well-above its weight when it comes to betting handle so we are in for some exciting times now that we have launched fixed odds betting in a second jurisdiction in the Americas.”

The company also confirmed that it will also be launching online fixed odds betting in “early 2023” via the website. 

This recent announcement forms part of BetMakers’ and Supreme Ventures’ joint “racing first mission” where the duo plans to “power the excitement, growth, and sustainability of racing globally”.

“Like all of our partner tracks, we are committed to the growth of racing and reinvestment in the industry,” Baker added. 

“As we have seen in Australia with the boom in racing handle over the 15 years following the deregulation of fixed odds betting, new players are entering the industry, innovation and technology advancements are plentiful, and the customer experience is at an all-time high. 

“The team at Caymanas Park, headed by Chairman Solomon Sharpe, are committed to the promotion of horse racing and we are very proud to join with them in efforts to grow racing for all participants in Jamaica. 

“And whilst fixed odds betting is the starting point of BetMakers’ partnership with Supreme Ventures, this is the beginning of a multi-faceted relationship where both parties are committed to working together for the benefit of the industry.”