Laila Mintas moving on as CEO of new project, PlayEngine

PlayEngine names Mintas CEO
Image: Shutterstock

Dr. Laila Mintas continues to move on from her troubled tenure as PlayUp CEO with a new project, PlayEngine. The company aims to be a “disruptive” B2B company offering a platform for both sports betting and iGaming.

In the release announcing Mintas’s role as CEO and co-founder, the company described the technology as “microservices-based” which allows for highly customizable solutions for clients. The company aims to offer solutions for risk management, trading, player account management (PAM), content management, and customer relationship management.

“I am very excited about being a Co-Founder and the CEO of PlayEngine,” Mintas said in the release. “The sports betting and iGaming market is just too competitive to work off legacy tech. There is a huge need for agile and modern technology and I truly believe that we have the most automated and data-driven product in the market, which will enable the sports betting and iGaming operators to offer an innovative, robust and profitable product to their end-customers.”

Sportradar, where Mintas previously served as Deputy President, certified the company. PlayEngine was developed within the Berkeley SkyLab incubator.

“Dr. Mintas has a proven track record of building high-growth companies successfully and is a well-established and respected leader in the sports betting and iGaming world and we are very happy to be working together with her,” said PlayEngine co-founder Aram Cherkezyan.