Xpoint: creating a buzz around geolocation technology

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Over the last few months, Xpoint has been rolling its products – Xpoint Verify and Xpoint Lite – to new markets across North America. Among the new jurisdictions is New Jersey and Ontario, with more states to join the roster in due course. 

Speaking to SBC Americas, Marvin Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer at Xpoint, discusses some of the company’s most recent milestones and the growing potential of geolocation technology in the US.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! So the last time we spoke, you outlined your vision of helping partners unlock the true potential of geolocation technology. How is that going so far?

It’s going incredibly well, and this catch up couldn’t be better timed.

Since we last spoke, we’ve made a number of major announcements about live partners we’re working with in the U.S. and Canada. We’ve added three new investment partners, and seen increased investment from two of our original backers. And, we’re now one of only two geolocation technology companies licensed to operate in New Jersey.

We’ve also just taken the wraps off our new logo and branding, so it really couldn’t be a more exciting time for everyone involved in Xpoint.

Back in June you announced that Xpoint Verify had gone live in the Canadian market, and you’ve followed that up since then with the news that Verify is live with Sporttrade and PlayStar in New Jersey. Congratulations! For those that don’t know, can you explain a bit about the product?

Xpoint Verify is our real money gaming product, providing geolocation technology solutions for sports betting and iGaming operators. Verify is one of the two primary products we offer operators now – Verify and Xpoint Lite, our Daily Fantasy Sports solution.

Verify delivers geolocation compliance, detects potential fraud, and provides insights to help grow our partners’ businesses. Verify uses data points across WiFi, GPS, IP, and cellular to accurately determine true player location and is available as a Software Development Kit (SDK) to embed in native apps, or as a companion app to support both desktop and mobile web platforms.

How does it feel to be live in-market?

Honestly, it makes me, personally, feel very proud, and also excited about what else we have coming. Our team are world-class experts, across every department, working incredibly hard to bring our solutions to market, and it’s a great feeling for everyone to finally see the hard work starting to pay off, but that’s also huge motivation to step up another gear and keep pushing. 

We know that what Xpoint offers is game-changing – our tech and our philosophy is transformative, and the more opportunities we have to show what we can do, the more exciting the buzz around our business becomes.

Looking back to June, when Verify first went live, what was it about the Ontario market that made this the perfect place to launch your first product in-market?

In one way, the parallel between Ontario and Xpoint made it the perfect place for us to go live for the first time. Ontario is newly launched as a legalized state, and we’re obviously still young, relatively newly-launched, and generating real buzz about what we’re doing, as is Ontario. On a more detailed level, we’re driven by our partners and as SkillOnNet were launching in Ontario, that guided our planning. 

Obviously since then we’ve also added New Jersey as a live market, and that’s also huge. Being licensed there is a major step for us and our partners, but it’s worth mentioning that we are also now licensed in multiple states, and as we have Xpoint Lite also live, we’re operational in multiple jurisdictions across North America.

Now that you’re live in-market, what do you envisage will be the next major milestone for Xpoint? Can we expect to see you live in more territories?

Yes, that’s what’s so exciting for us. After Canada it was the USA, which we announced in September, and over the coming weeks and months we have more Canadian and U.S. partners rolling out. 

Overall, this is a great time to be part of Xpoint, and we’re here to help anyone who wants to find out how we can help them unlock the true potential of geolocation technology.